Zoo Employee Reveals 15 Interesting Facts About Animals You Probably Didn’t Know!

Regardless of how much we love animals and how fascinated we are by them, especially when they’re in the wild, chances are, we don’t nearly as much about them as we think we do. Even if you’re one of the people who love Orcas and know they are actually dolphins, not “killer whales,” did you know that they can swim as fast as 34 mph? That’s moving pretty quickly for an animal that size!

Recently, a zoo docent at the Columbus Zoo and Aquarium teamed up with BoredPanda to provide some interesting and little-known facts about the animals we all think we know and love. A docent is a volunteer educator, who actually doesn’t need a degree in biology or zoology. However, their education is thorough and is always continuing.

“We are there to answer questions about the animals, talk to the guests about the zoo’s many conservation projects, and assist them any way we can – sometimes just by helping them find the restroom!” the zoo docent told Bored Panda. The docent also explained that becoming one takes a lot of commitment. After all, they have to learn the names and ages of all the animals living inside the zoo!

They also know a lot of facts about the animals that made be considered lesser known to the average person. Check out 15 facts about the animals we all love from the docent from the Columbus Zoo…

1. What Bald Eagles Really Sound Like

“Bald eagles’ vocalizations are not what you expect. When you see a flying bald eagle in the movies and hear that majestic caw sound? That isn’t an eagle, it’s been dubbed over with another bird, usually a red-tailed hawk. Bald eagles actually sound…not majestic. Kind of like if a kitten could be a bird.”

Have you ever heard one?

2. The Truth About Dasher, Dancer, Prancer, Vixen, Comet, Cupid, Donner, And Blitzen:

“Reindeer are the only deer species where both males and females grow antlers. The males shed theirs the beginning of December, the females shed theirs in the spring. So all of Santa’s reindeer are girls, heh. I love telling little kids that.”

As good as they are with directions, we should have known! 😜 (Just kidding!)

3. Mind. Blown.

“People often think that flamingoes’ knees bend the wrong way. They don’t – the joint you’re seeing in the middle of their leg isn’t their knee, it’s their ankle. Their knee is up by their body, and it bends the same way ours does.”

All of these years we always thought their knees were double-jointed!

4. Drama, Drama, Drama!

“Gorillas get crushes on each other. And on the humans that take care of them.” She also added, “Sometimes it’s like a soap opera up in there.”

Sounds like it!

5. Insomniac Giraffes

“Giraffes only sleep 1-2 hours a day.”


All facts are quoted from BoredPanda, and the photos that accompany them are all sourced from the Columbus Zoo and Aquarium.

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