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If You’re Finally Ready To Make The Jump To Rainbow Hair These Styles Are The Hottest Trends In 2018

Eye Candy Rainbow


This is the opposite of The Hidden Unicorn. If you want every head to turn to look at you when you walk in a room or you just cannot contain your bold, bright spirit, the Eye Candy Rainbow was made for you.

Peacock Rainbow


If The Hidden Unicorn is too little and the Eye Candy Rainbow is too much, stylist Hayley Garratt in the West Midlands, U.K. will meet you in the middle with the Peacock Rainbow. Another incredible look for women with all hair lengths!

Oil Slick

Creator Caitlin S. Stricklin calls this look, “Oil Slick” but we call in stunning! If you already have dark hair this is the perfect transition to Rainbow Hair without all of the stripping and bleaching.

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