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If You’re Finally Ready To Make The Jump To Rainbow Hair These Styles Are The Hottest Trends In 2018

Some people call it “Rainbow hair” while others simply refer to it as “The Unicorn.” Regardless of what you feel comfortable calling one of the brightest trends of 2017, you’ll be relieved to know that Rainbow/Unicorn hair is still going strong!

In fact, now that more people are rocking the look and are doing it with confidence, it was time to turn it up a notch and really take the trend out of this world. Even if you’re still unsure if you can pull it off, but you want to try, 2018 has brought so many different iterations of what was once considered the hairstyle strictly for an 80s doll, that every comfort level can be satisfied.

Get ready, because some of the most talented colorists on the continent will have you seriously considering going all-out this spring. Take a look…

Tropical Sunset


This look just screams “Miami Beach,” doesn’t it? Well, it actually comes from North of the Border. The stylist, Danae DesJardins of The Sapphire Hair Lounge in Winnipeg, says this look works best for warmer skin tones and when trying to achieve these exact results be very careful not to let the bottom colors touch each other.

Bright, Earthy Stones


Finally a rainbow-inspired look for ladies with short hair! In most tutorials and magazines, Rainbow Hair has always been reserved for those with medium to long locks, so it’s nice to see someone (Savannah Harris of ROOTS Salon in Bend, OR) create a style for bobs, shags, and pixies.

The Hidden Unicorn


If you’re feeling bold but not that bold, The Hidden Unicorn is perfect for you. It’s also great for those ladies who like to walk on the wild side, but their bosses insist they color inside the lines.

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