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Young Woman Given ‘Three Days To Live’ Says She Beat Eating Disorder Because Of Taylor Swift

We all find inspiration from somewhere and for Lottie, that was Taylor Swift.

“Her album Red came out during my time in hospital and it was the only thing that made me happy and that I could get excited about – it reminded me that there were things that could make me happy again.

I remember every meal and every snack that I struggled with, I just thought of seeing Taylor and it helped me get through. Seeing her was amazing. Luckily it wasn’t long after that I finally left hospital. I was aged 17.

Recovery was the hardest thing I’ll ever have to do but it made me a stronger person. It took me years and didn’t stop when I left hospital. Even four years later I have good days and bad days but I am a million times better than I was.”

Lottie hopes she can meet Taylor Swift one day so she can thank her for “being a friend” when she felt the most alone.

Lottie’s story of resilience and recovery is an important reminder that we can all overcome the obstacles that are in front of us. Millions of women suffer from eating disorders worldwide in one form or another. Below, you will find another story of a young woman who was able to beat her lifelong eating disorder. She opened up to Barcroft TV about her struggles, recovery, and why she will always be in a battle against anorexia.

Watch Lyndsey’s Honest And Inspirational Story:

Source: Woman With Past Eating Disorders Inspires Others To Start A Recovery by BarcroftTV

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