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Young Woman Given ‘Three Days To Live’ Says She Beat Eating Disorder Because Of Taylor Swift

There is not one person on this Earth who goes through life without some sort of adversity. Life is a roller coaster, filled with ups and downs. Some people seem to have an easier time navigating through the lows, or so it seems, while others have a harder time overcoming the same obstacles. Even though we all face issues in our lives, we’re still different people and things affect all of us differently.


Many girls experience a bout of self-doubt and low self-esteem. In fact, that “many” is more like “most.” Pressures from friends, peers, boys, Hollywood, and the fashion industry add a lot of weight on top of a teen who’s dealing with the hormonal and chemical changes that come with adolescence.


Some are able to talk to friends and family members about their feelings and concerns while others find it difficult to open up. They internalize these feelings which often manifest into even more issues, and at times, even more serious ones like eating disorders. One young woman from Manchester, England named Lottie Hall has been battling anorexia for years. Lottie and her mother appeared in an article four years ago about self-esteem and eating disorders because of her mother’s fear for her daughter.


Lottie was eventually hospitalized for her anorexia and would spend years in and out of different treatment centers. Now 21 years old, Lottie is in recovery and says that it was a world-renowned pop star that helped her through her darkest days.

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