Young Mother Fat-Shamed On Flight Hails Stranger Who Intervened As ‘Her Hero’

We’re always trying to stress on AdaliaRose.com the impact bullying has on people and the importance of being kind to everyone you meet. Most stories involve children or young people who overcame cruel bullying and who teach us a lesson in acceptance, love, and compassion. One would assume when a person enters adulthood, they’ve abandoned their mean-spirited ways and have learned to be empathetic to others. In many cases, former bullies do see how hurtful their words and actions were and embrace a change of heart.


Some adults, however, are just rotten people who sadly never learn that words do hurt. One such passenger was on a flight from Oklahoma to Chicago when he heartlessly wrote that the woman who sat next to him was a “smelly fatty” in a text. He also said he wanted to vomit.


Savannah Phillips, the woman who sat next to the bully, is a mother of two who was flying to the Windy City to teach classes at a nursing school. She is self-conscious about her weight and usually opts to sit alone when given the chance on flights. She saw the text, which she says was typed in large font with the screen on the brightest setting and was 12 inches from her face. Immediately, she started to cry.


Savannah wasn’t the only one who saw the cruel text. The man sitting across the aisle also could read it and posted a photo of the bully on Snapchat asking what he should do about it. He decided she wasn’t going to wait for a response and took matters into his own hands.

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