Woman Takes In Abandoned Dog And Unlocks Her Surprising Hidden Secret

When we think of second chances, we think of friends or loved ones who have gone through a rough period and needed a little help to turn their lives around. We think of our classmate or co-worker who was on a final warning but was given one more chance by a teacher or supervisor to get it together. We’ve all been given a second chance before in one way or another. But what’s often forgotten is that animals deserve a second chance too.

The #AdoptDontShop campaign has worked so well that many shelters don’t have abandoned dogs or cats to adopt out! As sad as this may be for a prospective family wanting to make theirs a forever home, just think how happy all of those dogs and cats are that found one!

As successful as the movement to adopt unwanted and abandoned pets from shelters has been there are still some exceptions. Some animals just can’t catch a break and end up back where they started from – at the shelter. Penny was one of these dogs. A caring pet store employee found her at a local park when she was only a couple of weeks old. She fostered the adorable mix until a forever home could be found. Sadly, several were thought to be “the one” for Penny but time and time again, she would be given back.

Penny was a tiny pup but had tons of energy. She would be more destructive than the average puppy and the owners just wouldn’t want to deal with her. Luckily, Penny ended up in the hands of Leonora Anzaldua who was determined to give Penny the second chance she deserved.

It didn’t take Leonora long to figure out what was going on with the destructive dog, who was still only 10 weeks old. It wasn’t that she was naughty, she was incredibly smart! She was so smart that she didn’t know what to do with herself so she would destroy things to keep herself occupied. Leonora had just the way to fix this behavior – she started stimulating Penny’s brain.

Leonora started teaching Penny tricks and the puppy was quick to pick every one of them up. Penny learned all of the basic tricks in just a few hours. Leonora remembered an article she ready that said dogs have the equivalent intelligence of a human toddler. So she tried teaching Penny shape recognition – and she nailed it! The pair moved on to something more challenging: spelling. It seems impossible until you watch Penny spell her name with your own eyes. Take a look…

Watch This Superbly Clever Pup:

Source: Clever Dog Learns How To Spell Her Name by Storyful

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