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Woman Kicked Out Of Apartment Pool Because Her Swimsuit ‘Excited’ Teenage Boys

There have been a lot of stories that have come out in recent years regarding dress code violations among young women.

In many cases, the “violations” seem like a huge double standard. They are almost always targeted at women and girls with regards to how short their shorts can be or if their shirts can have sleeves or not.


In general, the “offenses” seem pretty silly.

For instance, Molly Neuner is a sixth-grade student at Portland, Maine middle school who made headlines for changing the entire school district’s policy for their dress code after she was punished for wearing a tank top one day after wearing it several times before.


The teacher claimed her bare shoulders were “distraction to boys,” and her #IAmNotADistraction movement spread across the country.

Tori Jenkins is feeling targeted just as unjustly as Molly for the same thing.


Tori and her fiancé were at their apartment complex pool one hot day when the 20-year-old was approached by an office staff member who told her she could either change, cover up, or get out.

Why? Because she was told her one-piece swimsuit “was a thong” and could “excite” the teenage boys who lived at the complex.

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