Woman Receives Incredible Ambush Makeover On ‘TODAY’ 10 Years After Mother Gets One!

In case you’re unfamiliar with the segment, women from all over the country show up at the Plaza in the hopes they catch the attention of someone on the “Glam Squad.” The viewers at home watch as the camera pans the crowd and a member of the makeover team selects the lucky makeover recipient. From there, they are led inside the NBC studios where it’s time for TODAY’s style expert, Jill Martin, and famed hairstylist Louis Licari work their magic to take these women from frumpy to fabulous!


What these professionals accomplish in such a short time is nothing short of spectacular; remember, this makeover takes place in just three hours! Courtney said she wanted to have an “Ambush Makeover” after she saw her mother’s confidence skyrocket after hers. In may have taken 10 years, but Courtney is probably brimming with confidence now. Take a look at her amazing transformation below…

Watch Courtney’s Incredible Makeover, Thanks To TODAY:

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