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Woman Wakes Up From Coma In Time To Take – And Pass! – The Teachers’ Board Exams

In total, Ellen spent a month in the hospital. Before she was in a coma, she was incredibly depressed and felt everything she had worked for was gone.

For 10 days it seemed like Ellen was right; that all hope for a future was lost.

But suddenly, Ellen woke up.


She decided that even though she had brain surgery and had lost a month of study time, she would give it everything she had for the next few weeks and take the teachers’ board exam regardless.

Ellen put everything she had into preparing for the exam but was far behind the other graduates due to missing so much time because of her accident and coma.

Her resilience and faith paid off, because Ellen passed on her first try!

Ellen was over the moon and said, “God is really amazing! Thank you so much, Lord!”

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Teachers are such special people; Ellen is even further proof!

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