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Woman Born With Facial Deformity Finds True Love From A ‘Guardian Angel’ She Met Online

Courtney Blackmore is not your ordinary 22-year-old. She, like many young people today, has her own YouTube channel where she shares her thoughts and talents with more than 10,000 subscribers. She is newly married to her husband Chad and the two even make videos together. Courtney calls Chad her “guardian angel” and the reason why is what makes her extraordinary.


Courtney was born with cystic hygroma, a rare growth that usually appears on a baby’s neck or head. In her case, it affected her jaw and mouth. Courtney has undergone more than 24 surgeries and procedures in her life to help her with her condition. But nothing helped her more than Chad.


When Courtney was younger, her appearance was a target of a lot of cruel comments and even physical attacks. Courtney said even past high school, online bullies have told her to take her own life, called her an “ugly disgrace,” and even “hoped” that Chad would assault her.


At her lowest, Courtney did contemplate taking her own life. And that’s exactly when Chad swooped in and everything changed. The two began chatting online in 2014. Before either of them knew it, their friendship turned into love.

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