What’s In A Name? Kensington Palace Announces Name Of Newborn Baby Prince!

There has certainly been a lot of exciting news out of London lately! With Prince Harry’s wedding to American actress Meghan Markle just around the corner, the excitement has been at an all-time high for those of us across the pond. Details are emerging by the day about the upcoming nuptials, which will take place at high noon on May 19th, at St George’s Chapel at Windsor Castle.

We knew the guest list had 600 invitees, and that there will be two receptions: One immediately following the ceremony and another, more private affair that evening hosted by Prince Charles, Harry’s father. On Thursday morning, Kensington Palace tweeted that Prince Harry had chosen a Best Man, which is none other than his big brother, William.

As you already know, the second in line to the British throne is a little busy these days, what with the birth of his third child and all, but he accepted the invitation his younger brother extended to serve as his Best Man.

The announcement of Prince Harry’s decision came days after Prince William and Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge welcomed Baby No. 3 into the world. On the morning of April 23, 2018, Kate Middleton gave birth to a boy, weighing 8Lbs. 7oz. at St. Mary’s Hospital in London. Seven hours later, Their Royal Highnesses presented their newest addition to the world.

The third and fourth in line to the throne, Prince George and Princess Charlotte, made their arrival at the hospital to see their mum and meet their newest sibling, who had yet to be named. The adorable pair stole the show as they usually do, but there was quite a buzz surrounding Princess Charlotte, in particular: the toddler had just made history.

Prior to 2013, female royals had to step aside if a male heir was born after them, thus losing their place in line to the throne and being “bumped down” a notch by their male sibling. But since the new law has passed, Princess Charlotte remains the fourth in line and her younger brother is now fifth in line.

Speaking of the little prince…he finally has a name! Kensington Palace announced Friday morning that the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge are “delighted to announce that they have named their son Louis Arthur Charles. The baby will be known as His Royal Highness Prince Louis of Cambridge.”

The name is an ode to Prince Charles, twice over. “Louis” honors the late Louis Mountbatten who was a respected mentor and great-uncle to The Prince of Wales and who died in 1979 as a result of injuries sustained when his private boat exploded after a bomb was detonated by the IRA.

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Source: Kensington Palace Releases Name of New Royal Prince. Name Pays Homage to Charles Twice Over by Liftable

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