Waitress Finds $1,700 In Cash Left On Table But Knows It’s Not A Tip

You’re probably thinking, “I know where this is going,” but Kaylie Cyr, a server at an Oklahoma Buffalo Wild Wings, has a story that may surprise you. After serving a regular BWW customer named Glenn Morse, Kaylie found an envelope with $1,700 inside. She could have kept it, assuming it was another “huge tip story,” but Kaylie didn’t. In fact, she didn’t even think twice about it; she turned the envelope into her manager.


Morse had been eating at the establishment during his lunch break and had accidentally left the envelope holding his company’s expenses and payroll deposit. When he returned to the restaurant the next day, the manager had the envelope with every penny of the $1,700 inside. Morse was blown away that Kaylie would be so honest and humble about finding that kind of cash at one of her tables and gave her $100 the following week as a thank you. And if you’re wondering, Kaylie says Morse had left her a generous tip that day – as he usually does!

Watch Kaylie Explain Why She Returned The Money:

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