Waitress Finds $1,700 In Cash Left On Table But Knows It’s Not A Tip

There have been a number of stories this year about customers who left large tips for their servers. Let’s face it, being a server is one of the most underappreciated jobs there is. They’re on their feet nonstop, are often running back and forth between tables, the kitchen, and different stations, and sometimes are treated horribly by customers. The standard gratuity across the U.S. is 15-18% of the bill, but some patrons don’t leave a tip at all!


That’s why when we hear about one of these stories where a customer has gone above and beyond, it makes not only other servers feel good but those of us who appreciate all of the hard work servers do. One visitor to Boka Chicago didn’t just show his server his appreciation, but left $100 bill for the entire staff – all 17 of them!


Michelle Bozeman, a waitress for 20 years, chatted with a couple on vacation at the restaurant where she worked. Over the course of their meal, they talked about the couple’s trip, Michelle’s kids and grandkids, and how much Michelle loved her job and her coworkers. When the couple left, her manager called her over because they had left her a $3,000 tip! Can you imagine?!


Over Mother’s Day weekend, Brenda Pearson received the gift of a lifetime when a trucker stopped in for an $11 cheeseburger to the Oklahoma diner where she worked. The hard-working mom couldn’t believe it when he left her a $1,000 tip – especially because his order was wrong! His generosity didn’t stop there, however, and he returned for a slice of pie and left another $1,000 tip!

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