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Video Of Young Girl Freezing During Talent Show Goes Viral After Mom Teaches Us What ‘Rise Up’ Really Means

One of the reasons shows like America’s Got Talent, The Voice, and American Idol (or any of their overseas counterparts) are so popular is because of our fascination with watching people truly put themselves out there. Of course, we love cheering on the talented people who step onto the stage and belt out an Adele song like nobody’s business, but so much of our obsession with those shows is because of how in awe we are of the courage it takes to do what these young people are doing.

Singing in your car or the shower when no one’s around is one thing, but to get up in front of a packed auditorium and sing in front of millions watching? Whew, that takes guts! But even the most seasoned professionals get stage fright from time to time so it’s to be expected that it will happen to amateurs too. It happened to one little girl recently at her school’s talent show and the video is now going viral all over the world – not because of what she did, but because of what her mom did.


Last week, Rhonda Whitney was at the talent show in Colorado Springs watching her daughter perform. She was recording all of the acts and caught a moment on her camera that has now been seen by hundreds of thousands of people worldwide.

The little girl is onstage performing Andra Day’s “Rise Up” and after a minute or so of smooth sailing, the moment must have hit her and she completely froze up. The little girl stood there in a frightened panic, while silence fell over the school’s auditorium.


Suddenly, a voice from the back of the room is heard and gets louder and louder – it’s the young lady’s mother Shaye Washington who wanted to give her daughter the courage to continue. Shaye walked right up on the stage, held her terrified daughter’s hand, and encouraged her to keep singing.

The little girl, now with a renewed confidence, continues singing in line with the music while the crowd cheered her on, calling out to her “You got it!” and clapping. It’s one of the most touching and beautiful moments you will see in a long time. This mother not only taught her daughter what “Rise up” really means but every person who watches it.

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Source: Terrified Girl Chokes Up Mid Song At Talent Show, Crowd In Tears When Mom’s Voice Sounds From Back by Liftable

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