Video Of Police Dog Performing CPR Goes Viral!

You’re about to meet Poncho, a police dog from Madrid. Poncho is also a little bit of a celebrity now that millions of people worldwide have seen his life-saving skills. The Madrid Police posted a video to their Twitter account on June 22nd that shows a demonstration in which Poncho performs CPR.


In the video, Poncho’s handler drops on the ground and without hesitation, the little pup rushes right over and begins to jump on the officer’s chest. At one point, Poncho even stops, kneels down, and put his ear up to his handler, as if he’s checking to see if the officer is breathing. He begins jumping on the officer’s chest a few more times before pausing for another air check. Finally, the officer gets up and praises Poncho for his good CPR skills (Poncho is a very good boy!). Despite the video being a demonstration, many people are hoping if they ever need a medic that Poncho is the one who comes to help!

Watch Below:

Source: A Video Of Police Dog Performing CPR Has Gone Viral by TipHero

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