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Two-Year-Old Girl Sees And Hears Mom For The First Time After Being Born Blind And Deaf

If you stop and think about it, the human body is pretty remarkable.

Our heart pumps blood throughout our body, our brain formulates thoughts and stores memories, our ears hear sounds, and our eyes see the world around us.


Sometimes, the human body doesn’t always run on all cylinders for everyone.

Accidents, illnesses, and old age can slow down our body’s performance.


And in rare cases, babies are born with deficiencies that don’t allow their tiny little bodies to function as proficiently as it should.

But strides in both science and medicine are changing that and helping these children lead more “normal” lives.


Like Nicolly Pereira from Brazil, who was born with pediatric glaucoma, a rare condition that causes excess fluid to build up inside the eye, damaging the optic nerve, and rendering her blind.

That wasn’t all little Nicolly was facing, however.

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