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Watch The Heart-Melting Moment A Trooper Splashes In The Rain With 2 Boys

If there’s one thing most of us can agree on it’s that there’s something irresistible about rain puddles. Perhaps it appeals to our inner child from yesteryear who still craves a little spontaneous fun. Or maybe it’s just the simple act of splashing about that takes our mind off the troubles of the day and helps put a smile back on our faces.

Who Doesn’t Love Splashing In Rain Puddles?

For two little boys at the Ohio State Fair, a recent puddle splash session turned out to be a surprising encounter with a law enforcement official. While state troopers command respect for the serious nature of their jobs, one doesn’t usually associate them with having a playful attitude on the clock.

Even Animals Can’t Resist The Fun

So when the trooper decided to join the two boys splashing about in a rain puddle, it made for an unforgettable moment that day. After¬†Charmia Berwanger shared the adorable video with the Ohio State Highway Patrol, she commented: “My hats off to this officer. Great Job!”

When A State Trooper Shows Up To Splash In A Puddle With You, Take Notice!

Take a look at their fun bonding moment in the video on the next page. We hope this brought a smile to your face and brightened up your day!

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