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Watch What Happens When These Women Transform Their Boyfriends With Makeup

Makeup can do a lot of things. It can help cover up acne scars and pimples. It can enhance a person’s features and, in a way, is considered to be an art form (hence the description makeup artist).

But for people who don’t tend to wear makeup, it’s often a mysterious ritual that most don’t realize how much effort goes into looking “effortless.”

Applying Makeup Is An Art Form

For the girlfriends and their SO’s featured in the video below, the task at hand is to apply makeup to their boyfriends’ faces and witness their total transformations.

Some People Have A Gift For Knowing How To Apply Makeup Flawlessly

Many of the men said they didn’t realize how much effort, time and products go into creating their looks. As their girlfriends applied foundation, eyeliner and mascara, their boyfriends patiently waited for the big reveal.

Once you see their responses, you’ll both giggle and appreciate their comments. Would your boyfriend be willing to try this with you? Check out the end results below and let us know!

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