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Toddler Who Spends Her Entire Life In Hospital Is Finally Able To Walk Through The Doors!

When Mae was three months old, Courtney and Maura put her on a lung transplant list but shortly thereafter, decided to remove her from the list in the hopes that she would start producing the ABCA3 gene and outgrow her symptoms. As time passed, and that outcome seemed more and more unlikely, they put Mae back on the transplant list when she was 18 months old.

Less than 30 days later, Courtney got the call from Boston Children’s Hospital that a donor had been found. They took their four-year-old daughter Rosie to the hospital and the four of them spent their first night together as a family in September 2017.

(Source)The next night, the donated lungs arrived and Mae was taken into surgery four hours later. Courtney called the surgery “miraculous” and said after the initial healing period, Mae was quick to wean off of her medications. Three weeks later, Mae was breathing on her own without her trach or ventilator and her parents received the incredible news that they were able to take their daughter home.

Due to being confined in her hospital crib and being hooked up to machines to help keep her alive, Mae has difficulty walking on her own but that didn’t stop her from taking the most important steps of her short life: walking out the hospital doors.

“When we were leaving, you could tell that Mae was a bit unsure like, ‘You can walk through this door?'” Courtney said. But once she realized it was possible, there was no stopping the adorable toddler! Mae still has a long road ahead of her, but she can now continue to progress at home, surrounded by her family.

Watch The Heartwarming Moment Below:

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