This Amazon Delivery Guy Is Winning The Internet Over With His ‘Loyalty’!

Vanessa O’Shea is one of the people who loves online shopping and bought a welcome mat declaring so. She says she bought it at Kirkland’s as a joke because she thought it was “fun” (she didn’t say if she bought it through their website or at the store!). Her husband got a kick out of it too, so it’s not like it was to be taken seriously, it’s just one of those silly jokes between husband and wife, but one Amazon driver did and the Internet can’t stop laughing!

The Doormat:


Last week, the O’Shea’s were out to dinner when, coincidentally, her husband got a message that someone was at the door. When they remotely accessed their security footage, Vanessa told News4Jax they were both “cracking up” at what they saw.

It turns out the “loyal” Amazon delivery guy took the doormat literally and actually hid the package! She posted the following video on her Facebook page and in less than a week’s time, it’s gotten more than 13 million views.

Watch This “Loyal” Delivery Guy Follow Instructions To A “T”:

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