This Amazon Delivery Guy Is Winning The Internet Over With His ‘Loyalty’!

If you ask random people what their favorite thing about the Internet is, you may be surprised that a large number of answers would be online shopping. Not social media, not streaming services, but having the ability to buy just about anything with a click of a button and have it show up to their front door the next day.


Online shopping is one of the reasons Toys R Us shut its doors and is threatening other retailers’ bottom line. The Home Depot, the largest home improvement retailer in the U.S., is adding thousands of IT jobs to boost their online shopping presence and they’re not alone. There’s one particular online retailer that all of these companies have their sights set on…


Amazon is the king of online shopping for a number of reasons. Convenience, price, shipping, membership deals – the list goes on and on. They even offer same day shipping now which makes using their site even more enticing. Of course, not everyone is thrilled with the number of purchases made online and we’re not talking about big box retailers!


A lot of people have become borderline obsessed with shopping online. There are people who only purchase goods this way which can be a little concerning if you happen to be their significant other. There are tons of “gag” items that exploit this very real problem.

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