This 7-Year-Old Is Melting Hearts All Over The Internet With His Kindness For An Elderly Neighbor

Kids today get a bad rap. Sure, some of them may not respect authority as much as their parents did and some of them may be inconsiderate and disrespectful at times, but there are many more young people out there that leave you feeling like the future of the world is in good hands. For every lazy or rude child, there are thousands more who go out of their way to be kind and compassionate.

The biggest complaint about young people is that they don’t respect their elders. One young man in Tennessee certainly does and he’s captured the hearts of millions because of his sweet deed.


The AARP says that more than 90-percent of senior citizens would rather live in their own home than in a nursing home. This isn’t surprising, but the fact that number isn’t higher sure is! Many elderly people feel like they still have a sense of independence living in their own home even if they have a nurse or caretaker that visits daily.

Darrien Middleton understands both sides of the equation; she’s a nurse and her grandmother insists on staying in her own house instead of moving into a facility that can look after her more efficiently. Her grandmother refuses to leave her house which upsets Darrien every day. To make matters worse, her grandmother has been battling both lung and breast cancer for two years.

Just wanted to shed some light in this dark world we live in….. ?❤️

Posted by Darrien Middleton on Tuesday, May 8, 2018

What her grandmother has – along with her strong-willed personality – is an unlikely caretaker. A seven-year-old neighbor insists on checking on the elderly and sick woman. That in itself is a pretty heartwarming story but the boy, Caleb, takes it one step further.

“They are best friends,” Darrien explains, adding that Caleb visits her grandmother up to five times every day! She said that he goes over to check on her and “to make sure she wakes up from all her naps.” Because of his frequent visits, his family has taken to checking on the grandmother too and she adores them, according to Darrien.

The story of Caleb and the grandmother started spreading on social media, but there was one thing that Darrien wanted to point out. She said that Caleb “is a stand-out kid who has been handed a difficult situation, and he has helped my grandmother through hers.”

With kids like Caleb out there, the world is definitely in good hands!

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Source: 7-Year-Old Checks Up on Elderly Neighbor 5 Times a Day Just To Make Sure She’s Doing Okay by Liftable

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