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They’ll Go Far: Children’s Choir Blows Away ‘AGT’ Judges, Earn Golden Buzzer

While most viewers loved the performance, the judges had mixed reviews. Heidi Klum loved every minute of their rendition of “This Is Me,” but Howie, usually the resident good guy and supporter of child performers, was on the fence.


Mel B. said the group of kids from Orange County needed to up their game while Simon was basically with the Spice Girl, saying they needed to rehearse more. They definitely took Simon and Mel B.’s advice for their next performance.


It’s not every day that a song’s writer is moved by an amateur performance of their work. In the case of Voices of Hope’s second performance, we’re talking not just talking about a brilliant songwriter, but an incredible talent in his own right, Lin-Manuel Miranda. So how good was their rendition of “How Far I’ll Go” from Moana? So good that guest judge Ken Jeong gave them the Golden Buzzer. Check it out below…

Watch The Voices Of Hope Perform “How Far I’ll Go” From Moana:

No one knows how far they’ll go, but we’re guessing it will indeed be far!

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