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They’ll Go Far: Children’s Choir Blows Away ‘AGT’ Judges, Earn Golden Buzzer

America’s Got Talent is in its 13th season and although a lot has changed about the show over since it began in 2006, one thing has never changed: The show is all about joy. Pretty ironic for a show produced and created by the King of Curmudgeon himself, Simon Cowell. To be fair, Simon may have been known for being harsh in his critiquing of American Idol contestants, but since joining the judges on AGT in 2015, he’s had his fair share of tender moments, especially when it comes to the child performers.


Maybe fatherhood changed Simon, or maybe he realized that there’s a big difference between judging an adult and judging a child. With the arts fading from public school systems around the country, children should be encouraged to follow their passion. Voices of Hope Children’s Choir does just that.


Voices of Hope was started by Sarah Grandpre three years ago. Sarah is a trained singer in her own right, but when she realized her own dreams of hitting it big weren’t going to come to fruition, she started the non-profit. Voices of Hope is made up of 70 children between the ages of 5-17. They worked hard and snagged an audition on AGT. Their first performance in June was met with mixed reviews. Take a look for yourself below…

Watch Voices Of Hope Perform “This Is Me” From The Greatest Showman:

Well, what do you think?

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