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People Who Discovered Their Doppelgangers During Trips To The Art Museum

The doppelgänger. Wait… What? You’ve never heard of that? How about the hoary old soap opera cliché about “the evil twin?” Maybe that rings a bell? Anyway, the notion that we have another version of ourselves running around out there has been popular for eons. There are myths and legends. There are fairytales and horror stories. Supposedly, if you run into your doppelgänger, you die. Even the recent revival of the cult TV series Twin Peaks delved deeply into the idea of doubles, split selves, and something they referred to as “tulpas.” People are fascinated by this fact… or fiction… ever since the first time the folklore was shared with the rest of the village over a communal fire.

Thanks to the Internet, the search for your doppelgänger has taken on some rather epic proportions. There are entire social media posts and Reddit subjects about it. One of the most clever Involves the discovery of the doppelgänger in artwork and statues from past centuries. Apparently, museums are filled with examples of people taking photos showing off their past and present selves. Check out the gallery below and see what we talking about. We have to say, some of these are pretty eerie. On the other hand, the couple may be a stretch. Argue that it’s ethnicity, or genetics, DNA, or biology, but the truth is we all have a shared humanity, and therefore, have a shared structure. Sometimes, we just look like other people. No fever. No horror. No evil. No doppelgänger. Enjoy.

Sitting By A Well

Clearly not as unhappy.

Both Are In Charge

Not so large, however.

Not Sure About The Shirt

What century is Pink Floyd from?

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