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The Strange And Bizarrely Wonderful World Of Photoshopping Cats Into Food

Let’s not sugar-coat it; there are really strange things on the Internet. Some of these oddities also have a way of being bizarrely wonderful at the same time. Remember Keyboard Cat? DJ Kitty? Grumpy Cat? Hmm…have you ever noticed that all of the best stuff on the Internet involves our feline friends? That’s because, as you already know, cats are awesome!

Ksenia is a digital artist who understands that two of the best things in the world are cats and food. Back in January, the Russian artist began Photoshopping the two together and posting them on Instagram. Her account is aptly named @cats_in_food and while some of Ksenia’s creations are definitely a little weird, they’re also creative and will likely put a smile on your face. As Ksenia put it she just wanted to create something funny and once you see her work, you’ll find it hard to disagree that she achieved her goal!

1. Cats In Eggs

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Fuzzy-side up, anyone?

2. Cats In A Sundae

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Ksenia has lots of posts of cats in sundaes. Maybe it’s because no one can find either irresistible?

3. Cats In Croissants

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Technically, this cutie pie is next to the French pastry!

4. Cats In Cake

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This kitty doesn’t seem amused but raise your hand if you have no problem being engulfed by chocolate!

5. Cats In Candy

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This is one of the creepier images but it’s still so funny!


Source – All Images

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