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Texas Teacher Makes Sandwiches For Students Who Didn’t Eat Before Their Big Exam

Hannah Hayes, a student at Clear Springs snapped some photos of Mr. Johnson and posted them on Twitter. They have since received more than 20,000 retweets and 105,000 likes. Hannah had no idea that her tweet would garner so much attention but she’s really glad it did.

“A lot of times teachers go unnoticed, and even though it’s kind of a small gesture, it meant a lot and it made an impact on students,” Hannah said. “It really shows that he cares about his students and wants them to do the best they can.”

Mr. Johnson told TODAY Food he was inspired by fellow AP biology teacher Vanessa Seghers, who has made snacks for her students in the past. He bought the bread, peanut butter, and jelly with his own money and brought it all to school, setting up shop in a hallway. Mr. Johnston didn’t turn any student down that requested one and was pleased to see how many were asking for one of his homemade sandwiches saying, “Students are usually absolutely exhausted for the rest of the day after these exams. They have to go in with something in their oven.”

Mr. Johnson didn’t skimp on the ingredients, either. He bought several types of whole grain bread and natural peanut butter. He figured the sandwiches were easy to make and would sustain the scholars through their grueling exam and he estimates he made about 50 that morning.

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