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Texas Teacher Makes Sandwiches For Students Who Didn’t Eat Before Their Big Exam

For years, studies have shown that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Eating a healthy meal first thing in the morning has been shown to give people the necessary nutrients they need for both sustenance and energy. These things are important to safely and effectively carry out the tasks ahead during a long day.


Even teachers will tell their students not to forget to eat a healthy breakfast before state testing or exams. School districts throughout the U.S. offer free breakfast to their scholars, regardless of household income. Sometimes it’s not about affording breakfast, it’s about making time for it.


Most kids wake up and rush to get out the door either to catch the school bus or their ride to school. Oftentimes, breakfast is the last thing they’re thinking about as their grabbing their backpacks and heading out the door. That’s why one Texas teacher took the mantra about the importance of eating a solid meal first thing in the morning to heart.


Brian Johnston, an English teacher at Clear Springs High School in League City told TODAY Food that he decided to bring his 11th-grade students something to eat before their end of year AP English exam, which lasts more than three hours, just in case they hadn’t had breakfast before arriving at school.

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