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Old Man’s Act Of Kindness At Animal Shelter Warms Hearts Of Dog Lovers Everywhere

They say that even the smallest act of kindness is appreciated. While the businessman who donates millions to a special charity is doted upon like a king, thousands of smaller acts of benevolence occur on a daily basis with little or no fanfare. The woman who stops by the pond to make sure the mama duck and her ducklings have some bread for breakfast, the children who stop by the vacant lot to check up on a feral cat and her kittens.

Dogs Love Tennis Balls


They don’t get the headlines the way others who announce their good deeds do, but their acts as just as worthy. When Madison Sorrel visited a local Oklahoma animal shelter, she never imagined she would be showcasing such an amazing gesture of love and compassion. Her intention was simple – adopt a dog. Look over the many rescues and strays and find one she could give a fur-ever home to. Then she saw him.

They Really Do


He was just an older man in a plaid shirt and a pair of jeans. He was carrying a bag of something with him, but Madison couldn’t quite make it out. Upon closer inspection, her heart leapt into her throat. He was bringing about a dozen tennis balls to the lonely little puppies and pooches waiting for someone to love them. He was doing it in memory of his own dog who loved to play with them. It was his way of grieving, of showing how much his four-footed best friend meant to him and how sad he was over the loss.

And This Old Man Wanted To Make Sure These Shelter Animals Had Some


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