Teenage Girl Captivates The Nation After Using Sign Language To Communicate With Deaf And Blind Man On Flight

It can be somewhat stressful to turn on the news or open our laptops these days because we have no idea what terrible tragedy is waiting for us. Americans are full of anxiety not only due to the political climate in the country but also the lack of compassion that inundates us daily. That’s why it’s important to remember that there are many more stories of love, understanding, and compassion out there. Stories like Clara Daly’s…

15-year-old Clara and her mother Jane were flying from Boston to Los Angeles last week when they were informed their flight was canceled. Luckily, Alaska Airlines was able to get them on an earlier flight at the last minute but it meant the mother-daughter duo had to make a mad dash for Boston’s Logan Airport. The Daly’s made it in the nick of time.

Tim Cook was also on the six-hour flight that was scheduled to have a layover in Portland. What makes Tim unique is that he is both blind and deaf. The flight staff, as well as his seatmate, worked tirelessly to communicate with Tim so he understood the flight instructions and what to expect over the next several hours. Unfortunately, due to Tim’s impairments, he didn’t understand.

Finally, a flight attendant made a desperate plea over the intercom system, asking if anyone knew American Sign Language. Clara pushed the button and told the flight attendant that she knew ASL and was more than happy to help.

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