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They Lost At State Fair, But They’re WINNING The Internet With This Adorable Nap

For those who live in the city, it’s an idea as foreign as the smell of fresh cut hay, or the experience of plowing a field and raising your own food. Indeed, being a farmer has a special kind of allure, one that goes back to the days when almost every family outside of a metropolis helped bring the bounty of nature to tables everywhere. There is a special skill set involved in raising livestock, growing crops, and keeping the harvest from dying during droughts and floods.

The Iowa State Fair Is A Big Deal


Without agriculture, our lives would be a bevy of inorganic junk, distilled from chemicals and flavored to remind us of such otherwise available novelties as oats, nuts, berries, fruits, vegetables, and meats. One of the reason State Fairs remain so popular is not because of their plethora of deep-fried novelties (though they do bring the customers to the combine) or the midway full of (rigged) games and rides. Instead, most of these annual carnivals celebrate the bounty the harvest brings, and the new ways to get more bang for your acreage bucks.

Especially For Young People And Their Livestock


Longstanding organizations like the Future Farmers and the 4H also hope to instill a desire to stay within tradition. They hold competitions and creative outlets to show the youth how important the trade is to the rest of the planet. For 15-year-old Mitchell Miner and his heifer Audri, the Iowa State Fair was something they were looking forward to. For weeks beforehand, the boy pampered his pet bovine. He walked and fed her. He bathed and clipped her. He made sure she was buffed up and polished for presentation.

The Whole Experience Was A Bit Much For These Two


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