Teacher’s Passion For Her Students Sparks Incredible Kindness From Strangers On A Flight

Kimber went on and on about the students, not thinking she was doing anything but chatting with a kind stranger who she was sitting next to on a flight. The man asked for her school’s email address because the company he worked for often donates to schools like Fuentes Charter. Blown away by his offer, she gave him her work e-mail, and that’s when she was about to be blown away even more.

The man sitting behind her handed her a wad of cash, apologizing for listening and saying that he wanted her to do good with it. Before Kimber could process what was happening, another passenger chimed in…

“The man behind me as the plane was landing tapped me, who handed me the money and started the chain reaction,” she explained. “The guy next to me, he said, ‘Hey, I was listening, too. I don’t have much, but will this help?’ And then the guy in front of me turned around and said, ‘I don’t have much either. I just want to make a difference.'”

Kimber said she had no idea how much she was handed at the time but she was so overwhelmed she began to cry as she thanked them. She said they told her to “use your voice” and that they wanted her to use the money on her students.

So, how much did she receive from the passengers? $530, $500 of which came from the first gentleman. Kimber posted the story on Facebook and it quickly went viral.

Watch Kimber Discuss The Generosity She Received:

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