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Teacher’s Passion For Her Students Sparks Incredible Kindness From Strangers On A Flight

If you needed even more proof that teachers are special, Kimber Bermudez is your answer. And if you needed even more proof that there are still kind, generous, good people in the world, the passengers on her Southwest flight are the answer to that one.


Kimber is a first-grade teacher who adores her students, their families, and her school. She works at Carlos Fuentes Elementary, a charter school in Chicago’s Avondale neighborhood on the city’s Northwest Side. The students that attend the school come from predominantly low-income families. Kimber, who admits she’s a talker, struck up a conversation with the person sitting next to her on a flight from Chicago to Florida, where Kimber is originally from.


“I started talking about my students, how I love them, and then he said, ‘What’s your greatest challenge?’ And I started talking about how amazing the families are here and the kids and the great resources that we offer, like free breakfast and free lunch,” Kimber said.


For 30 minutes, Kimber explained how the children at the school can’t afford school supplies, let along supplies to help them get through life. She told her seatmate that the teachers have spent their own money on everything from pencils to underwear for the kids.

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