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Teacher Donates Kidney To 10-Year-Old Girl She’s Never Met

Doctors told Alana had she not brought Eva in when she did, her daughter may not have survived. Eva desperately needed a kidney donor. Waiting periods can take a year or longer, so the little girl took 20-30 pills every day and was hooked up to a dialysis machine for up to 10 hours every night. A deceased donor’s kidney would only last a decade at most, so Alana began asking family members to be tested. Sadly, none of them were a match. Eva’s father shares her blood type, but because he suffers from high blood pressure and adopted, it was determined he was not an ideal donor. The search continued.


Out of desperation, Alana made a plea on Facebook which one of her friends shared. She says within minutes, responses began flooding in. One of those responses was from Tanya Thomas and for some unknown reason to Alana, she really stood out. Tanya began the process of being tested and would communicate every step of the way with Alana. Finally, Alana received the call she was hoping for: Tanya was a match.

One day while Alana was at Slate Ridge Elementary with Eva, a woman came up and introduced herself. It was Tanya and it turned out she was a teacher at Eva’s school! To make sure Eva didn’t get her hopes up too soon, Alana and Tanya agreed to wait to tell Eva in case it didn’t work out. Not too long after, the surgery was scheduled and Eva asked is she would like to meet her donor. She said yes and calls her and Tanya “transplant sisters.” The surgery is scheduled for later this month.

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