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Teacher Donates Kidney To 10-Year-Old Girl She’s Never Met

When we think of teachers, the words “hero,” “selfless,” and “compassionate” usually come to mind. Educators lay the building blocks for our future, then continue through the years stabilizing that foundation and adding to it. They often sacrifice for their students, not only their time but their money. In many cases, teachers have to buy tools and supplies for their classrooms out of their own pocket.


They are kind and generous and invested in the future of the world. Everyone can name a handful of teachers who truly touched their lives from kindergarten to college. They are special people, indeed, but one Ohio teacher took the words “hero,” “selfless,” and “compassionate” to another level.


Eva Brown is a 10-year-old girl who fell ill last year. After eating Japanese food with her family, her face began to swell. Her mother Alana assumed it was a reaction to a food allergy and took her to an urgent care facility. 45 minutes after they returned home, Eva’s face began to swell again.


Alana rushed her daughter to Nationwide Children’s Hospital in Columbus, Ohio. Further tests were run that showed it was not a food allergy that was causing distress to Eva; her kidneys were working at an alarmingly low 4-percent.

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