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Sweet 8-Year-Old Boy Who Was Once Homeless Is Gifted His First Bed And His Reaction Is Stunning

You’ve heard the saying, “You don’t know what you’ve got, ’til it’s gone,” right? Usually, it’s something someone says to you after you’ve experienced a breakup. But it can be used for just about any situation. The reason is that we have a tendency to take things for granted every once in a while. We don’t do it on purpose or because we are ungrateful, we just get so accustomed to something that it loses its novelty after a while.


Remember when you first bought your new car? Everything about it was the best! You took impeccable care of it in the begging. You never allowing food or drink inside of it and always made sure any trash was removed when you exited the vehicle. And that smell…


But over time, it lost its luster a little. It didn’t happen overnight. At first, you left a travel mug in it while you went to work. You crumpled up a fast food receipt and left it in the console. You never fully cleaned out the trunk when you got back from vacation.


These are all little things that you do after you’ve owned your vehicle for a few months. It doesn’t mean you don’t like it or appreciate it anymore. It just means you got used to it after a while. You know there are millions of people who would be thrilled to have a car, but in a way, you took it for granted.

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