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Successful Model Comes Clean After Starving Herself For 10 Days To Achieve Perfection

There’s a lot of pressure on women to look a certain way. That pressure is more intense if a young woman wants any kind of career in the entertainment industry. More and more fashion designers and ad companies are taking a different approach and hiring models who don’t follow the traditional fashion standards of being 5’10 and a size 0. Even though this is progress, it’s a slow one.

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There are far too many girls who enter high school completely confident in their own skin and within a matter of months, they feel inadequate and awkward. Some start altering their appearance to “fit in” while others withdrawal into themselves.

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In extreme cases, girls in search of the perfect body do extreme things to achieve them like starve themselves. Thankfully, eating disorders are taken a lot more seriously now than they were even just a decade ago and young women are getting the help they need to overcome them.

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But for those young women pursuing a job in the fashion or film industry, they feel they have to do whatever it takes to look like the women they see in the pages of magazines.

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