Stuffed Animal Lost At Airport Goes On Wild Adventures While He Waits For Little Girl To Return

Kelly was blown away that the airport staff would care enough to search for a lost stuffed animal but she really couldn’t believe that they would make Cookie Dough a part of their crew and catelog everything.

“I can’t say enough about what they did….the time and effort they put into this was so wonderful, and they couldn’t have done it for a more appreciative family,”  Kelly said. “We have taught Gussie from the start that police officers are the good guys, and I know they experience a lot of negativity in today’s world. For the most part, we know that law enforcement are there solely to keep us safe, and it was such a kind and amazing gesture for them to do this for her along with their normal duties.”

The Police Showed Cookie Dough Some Love Too!

They sure did keep him busy but he had some “fun time” when he wasn’t keeping travelers safe with the firefighters and police officers.

He Made Himself At Home

He celebrated the Fourth of July with Southwest Airlines at their ticket counter.

And He Had More Fun!

There sure is a lot to see and do at an airport and it looks like Cookie Dough wanted to explore all of it.

He Greeted Passengers

And showed them how to check their flight times and to check their bags.

Private Cookie Dough, Reporting For Duty!

He especially enjoyed welcoming our military to Norfolk!


Source – All Photos

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