Stuffed Animal Lost At Airport Goes On Wild Adventures While He Waits For Little Girl To Return

Just about every child has their favorite stuffed animal or doll, right? You probably had your go-to animal or doll when you were younger. If you’re a parent, you know that there is one specific “friend” that your little one just can’t bear to be without. Sadly, as much as children love their favorite friend, they’re still kids which means sometimes they leave their BFF behind without meaning to.

August Bridge is eight years old and her favorite stuffed animal is Cookie Dough. Her mother Kelly said August has always loved stuffed animals, but Cookie Dough is definitely special.

“She loves stuffed animals and goes through phases with them,” Kelly said. “But he is definitely the current favorite and she is way more attached to him than she has been to previous toys.”

This Is August And Cookie Dough

The family was returning from a trip and flew into Norfolk International Airport. It was on the way home that August realized she left Cookie Dough somewhere. She wasn’t exactly sure where she left her stuffed dog but she was pretty sure it was at the airport. Kelly said she thought August was going to cry. She calmly called the airport and spoke with a dispatcher who was incredibly helpful.


“Sharon, the dispatcher that I spoke with initially, never once made us feel silly for asking them to go find him, and in fact took his disappearance as seriously as she would anything else of value,” Kelly explained. “She took a description of Cookie and asked what his name was, and where he was last seen. A mom herself, she knew how desperate we were.”

Norfolk International Airport Went Above And Beyond

Thankfully, it didn’t take the airport personnel very long to locate Cookie Dough and they called Kelly to let her know that he was safe and sound and that they would him until he could be picked up. They even chronicled all of Cookie Dough’s adventures, so August knew that he was well taken care of!

They Kept Cookie Dough Busy

Not only did the airport go on a search for Cookie Dough, once they found him, they made sure that he kept busy while he was in their care.

He Went On Missions

They dressed Cookie Dough up in firefighting gear and even let him ride on the truck.


Source – All Photos

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