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Stuffed Animal Helps Keep Preemie Penguin Feel Safe And Cozy And It’s Cuteness Overload!

Somehow, Rainbow miraculously made it. A team had to pick pieces of shell out of her tiny feathers and made her a makeshift nest and put her in an incubator to feel warm and safe in. Although she received human care nearly around the clock, the zoo team decided she needed a companion to mimic her mother so she would develop as normally as possible, so they gave the chick a stuffed penguin.


The idea of giving Rainbow a stuffed penguin to cozy up to worked.

“We were overjoyed when she started begging for food by opening her mouth wide and making tiny squawks,” penguin keeper Suzi Hyde said. “It was the first sign that she might just make it.”

Rainbow is hand fed three times a day with a mix of blended fish, vitamins, and minerals. She continues to live in the incubator with her stuff friend. The zoo says that she will stay where she is until she reaches 10 weeks, then it will be time to move her to a specialized pool where she will learn to swim. After that, she will join the other 80 penguins at the London Zoo at their 1,500 square meter pool.

Watch The Cuteness Overload Below:

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