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Stuffed Animal Helps Keep Preemie Penguin Feel Safe And Cozy And It’s Cuteness Overload!

It’s been 13 years since Madagascar introduced us to Skipper, Kowalski, Rico, and Private. Although they weren’t main characters and they were animated, the world couldn’t help but fall in love with penguins. A couple of months later, the love kept growing after Morgan Freeman’s narration helped us be even more fascinated with the waddling, aquatic birds in March of the Penguins.


Since then, the popularity of penguins hasn’t waned. Movies like Happy Feet and Madagascar’s sequels, namely Penguins of Madagascar, help to keep the fascination alive. DisneyNature is doing their part as well. On Earth Day 2019, Penguins will be released, telling the story of Steve, a penguin who finds love then is charged with taking care of his two penguin babies.


If you can’t wait that long for another adorable penguin story to enter your life, the London Zoo is helping you out. A baby penguin named Rainbow is making the Internet give a collective “Awe!” after the zoo shared the little one’s story.


Rainbow was born prematurely after her egg accidentally cracked. When zoo workers saw the broken egg, they rushed it to an emergency vet clinic, not expecting much. But Rainbow had different plans.

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