Students Give Janitor The Surprise Of A Lifetime And Leaves Him In Tears

There are a lot of buzzwords in our society today. Some of them get overused to the point, the word itself takes on its own identity and the definition of it even changes slightly. In some cases, negative feelings become attached to the word for both its “new meaning” and the number of times you see it come across your social media timelines on a given day.


Other times, we can never have enough of the word, like “kindness.” Celebrities like Ellen DeGeneres have made kindness a buzzword and we’re definitely not complaining. Kindness is something that we should never grow old of, and in fact, should want more of!



The good news is, there are many people out there hearing Ellen’s call to action¬†and following her example. A group of students at Bristol University wanted to do something kind for one of the staff members who does so much for the university but remains largely underappreciated.


In May, the above post was written on the school’s Bistruths Facebook page. It sparked a number of messages supporting the idea of a GoFundMe campaign for him, so one was anonymously created.

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