Student Saves Life A Week After Learning CPR In School Requirement

Some things in life happen without any justification or explanation, almost as if fate had taken control and led someone on a path that would change their lives forever. We see it time and time again in news stories; someone drove a different route to work that day and because of it, was able to stop a child from being kidnapped.

Earlier this month, a dachshund forced his owner Charmaine Keevy to walk a different path than they normally take and in doing so, the pair came upon a newborn baby just hours old that had been abandoned in a storm drain. Charmaine said she believed it was divine intervention that led them to find the baby, who is now doing well at a South African hospital.


Earlier this week, a student was able to save the life of another human being just days after learning CPR. It could be chalked up to being at the right place at the right time, but many, including Anthony Rosa Compres and his teacher, believe it was fate.

Back in 2015, the State of New York mandated that every high school senior receives CPR training before graduating. Although Oswaldo De La Cruz still had more than a month before instructing his students, he decided to get the certification class out of the way early. Partly because he saved someone’s life using CPR months ago and partly because something told him not to delay the class any longer.


A week after Oswaldo taught Anthony’s class CPR and they became certified, the student was walking down the street in the Bronx when he was forced to put his training to use. Anthony doesn’t know the name of the man he saved, but he suddenly collapsed on the sidewalk. With the class still fresh in his head, he dropped beside the man and did 30 compressions, then mouth to mouth, then 30 more compressions until emergency services arrived. Because of his training, Anthony was able to save the man’s life.

Both Anthony and Oswaldo have received awards and praise from the American Heart Association, who has been pushing for 15 years to have CPR mandated as a requirement for graduation across the U.S. Mark Hurley, a spokesperson for the AHA told PIX11 that Anthony is proof why learning CPR is necessary, saying, “You hear a success story like, ‘I just learned CPR two weeks ago and I used it to save someone’ and that proves that it works.”

Anthony says that knowing he saved a man’s life is satisfying and he told PIX11 that he feels “very proud.”

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Source: School Required To Teach CPR Before Graduation. 2 Weeks Later, Student Saves Man’s Life by Liftable

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