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Student Blows Boss Away After Walking 20 Miles To His First Day And Gets Rewarded Big Time!

We all go through rough patches; hardship is a part of the journey of life. The popular saying “Tough times don’t last, tough people do” sums up these hardships with a reminder we can all use every once in a while. The most important thing and sometimes the hardest to keep in mind is how we preserve.


Some people work harder when they’re facing outside adversity. It helps them keep their mind off their problems and focus on something constructive. Others may withdraw from their day to day routine. Everyone handles difficult times differently and that’s perfectly okay but it doesn’t mean we shouldn’t find inspiration in those who dig deeper.


Walter Carr is the dig deeper type. He is a college student in Alabama who has already been through a lot more than most. Walter is originally from New Orleans and his mother and he lost their home during Hurricane Katrina and relocated to Birmingham to start their lives over.

Walter was starting a new job earlier this month but as luck would have it, his car broke down the day before his first day at Bellhops Moving. Instead of calling out on his first day, Walter decided to start walking to his first job.

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