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Teen Takes Senior Photos At Taco Bell & The Results Are Perfectly Cheesy

It’s that time of year. Time to get ready for graduation and the lure of college and possible independence (for both kid and parents). For seniors, it’s melancholy. For juniors, there’s more meaning. The usually are preparing for the upcoming year, when they will finally move up the peer pressure pecking order and run their school (for a little while, at least). That includes the mandatory graduation photos. For many, there is a uniformity of design that they can’t defeat – all tuxes and formals, all glamor shot and faux fancy.

But for one kid from Bourbonnais, Illinois, the idea of the standard pose was not unique enough. He wanted a way to stand out and show off his unique personality. So instead of running to some exotic location or offering something standard, he decided to run for the border. That’s right, he decided to take his senior photos at everyone’s favorite fake Mexican take out joint – Taco Bell – and believe it or not, the results are amazing. It helps that the camera loves Andrew McBurnie and even surrounded by chalupas and double decker taco supremes, he’s the stand out.

Check out these wonderful images, and on the final page, the story of someone who already had this idea before, and the national attention she gained as a result.

This Is Andrew McBurnie, Typical High School Senior

Looking sharp, we must say.

And This Is The Side Of Andrew He Wants Us To See

Enjoying his favorite fast food in style.

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