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Teens Find Lions In Heartbreaking Condition At An Abandoned Hotel

Lions may be king of the jungle, but unfortunately, people don’t always treat them as such. Over the years, there have been countless stories about people mistreating and killing animals – including the mighty lion.


By now, you’d think people would have learned to have more respect – but sadly that just doesn’t seem to be the case.


In fact, a Russian hotel owner has just made national headlines for his cruel treatment of lions. According to reports, the owner was using the lions as a marketing ploy to attract people to stay at his hotel.

However, the hotel was eventually abandoned, and no arrangements were ever made for the lions to be taken care of.


According to sources, the lions that were found living on the property were in such bad condition that those who discovered them believe they will never be able to re-enter the wild.

But while the living lions’ condition was enough to make anybody cringe, rescuers found something much more awful.

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