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This Is What Really Happens If You Eat Eggs Every Day

It feels like every decade or so we’re told a food we love is bad for us and this other product should replace it in our diet. In some cases, nutritionists, physicians, and dieticians seem to go back and forth every few years. Depending on which expert you ask, you get a different response. Carbs are bad, fat is good. Fat is bad, fruits and veggies are good. Fruits and veggies have too much sugar, lean meat is good.

It’s so confusing!


However, there isn’t a food product on the planet that has been debated more than the incredible, edible egg.

We’ve been told it’s a great source of protein in a balanced breakfast to it’s going to make our cholesterol levels hit the stratosphere.


Good news if you love eggs, they’re back off the naughty list and ready to hit your plate again!

Researchers have found that eggs are said to be the perfect source of protein and contain the exact amount of amino acids that our bodies need.


Furthermore, eggs are chock full of vitamins A, E, D and B12, omega-3 fatty acids, choline, iron, antioxidants, and basically no carbs so it’s crazy to think that people thought eating eggs is bad for you at any point.

But what happens if you eat eggs every day?

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