Quick-Thinking 8-Year-Old Saves Herself And Brother From Kidnapper Moments From Border

There isn’t a parent around that doesn’t worry about their children on a daily basis. From the second your child is born until long after they have children of their own, it seems the worries never end. Of course, every parent has different concerns for their children or maybe even a different hierarchy of what concerns them but just about every parent, at least when their kids are little, can’t imagine the thought of their child being kidnapped or disappearing.

For decades, and honestly, probably longer, moms will say to their little ones when they’re out and about, “stay close I don’t want you wandering off.” It’s a universal statement made by parents regardless of who they are or where they live.

Before the late-90s, the go-to directive moms and dads gave their kids was to find a police officer if they get lost or scream if someone grabs them. Since the accessibility of cell phones, many parents have emergency phones for their kids where they instruct them to “Dial 9-1-1.”


An eight-year-old little girl and her three-year-old brother found themselves in that exact situation earlier this week and she remembered in all of the panic to grab the cell phone and call 9-1-1. In doing so, Malaiah Cole saved her life, and her brother’s, from a very grave situation.

Rodney Cole took his two kids to a local beauty supply store to buy something for Malaiah. He knew exactly what he needed so he knew it was a quick trip inside the store and left Malaiah and her brother in the car with the air conditioning on.

Rodney says he wasn’t gone but two minutes when he saw his car starting to drive off.


According to Malaiah, a woman approached the vehicle, got in and just started driving away.

“She looked at the car and she saw it running and she saw kids in it. Then she just got in it and drove away,” the eight-year-old told ABC7.

Rodney immediately began chasing the car.

“I saw my dad coming out the store and I saw him banging on the window, but she rolled the window up,” Malaiah said.

That’s when Rodney says the woman ran a red light and he lost them.

Malaiah remembered the emergency cell phone and dialed 9-1-1. She said the woman was struggling from the driver’s seat to grab it from her and even told her if Malaiah didn’t hand over the phone, she would “drive in circles and crash into the freeway wall.” Malaiah stayed on the phone with the 9-1-1 dispatcher and when asked where they were, Malaiah answered, “I see signs that say ‘Mexico Border.”

Malaiah eventually handed the phone over to the woman, but by that time, it was too late. Law enforcement officers closed in on the vehicle, arrested the kidnapper and rescued the children.

Through tears, Rodney said, “I’m very proud of her.”

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Source: 8-Year-Old Saves Herself & Little Brother from Kidnapper Moments Before Crossing Border by Liftable

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