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Police Officer Who Loses Both Legs Fulfills Promise To Daughter And Walks With Her At Graduation

Parents tend to not make promises to their kids that they know they can’t keep. For instance, unless you’re absolutely sure you can pull off a trip to Disney for your child’s birthday, you’re not going to tell them you’re definitely going. One South Florida man made a promise to his daughter that looked a little impossible to pull off but with faith and hard work, he fulfilled his unlikely vow.


A year ago, Miami-Dade Police Major Ricky Carter was riding his motorcycle on the interstate. Suddenly, his bike malfunctioned and he crashed into the guardrail. Major Carter doesn’t remember much about the accident.

“I can recall waking up in a hospital bed and seeing broken arms, so I’m trying to move my legs under the covers and my legs aren’t cooperating with the moves I’m trying to make. So, I lift off the covers and see that I don’t have any legs,” Major Carter told NBC Miami.


As a result of his injuries, the 23-year police veteran lost both of his legs. Major Carter was devastated, recalling: “It was extremely difficult. The process was trying to cope with that. How can I be the man that I wanted to be? How can I be the officer I wanted to be moving forward? How can I be the father I wanted to be moving forward? I had no idea how I was going to do this.”


He had motivation, however. Major Carter’s daughter Jennifer was graduating from college the following May. He had one year to fulfill the promise he made to her, to walk with her at her commencement ceremony.

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